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Looking for an intuitive message from the Goddess herself? Or something more focused to invite a specific Goddess to the reading? You are in the right place.


I've been reading tarot and oracle cards since my first deck came to me when I began studying the Craft as a teen. It wasn't until I had lived a bit more and worked on my light and shadows, healing trauma and building trust in myself that my intuition blossomed. Exercising that muscle through doing readings for myself, then family and friends, and my coven family made my self-trust stronger and I wanted to reach more people.

In my readings I start by selecting a few decks from my collection. I think on the person getting the reading and open my intuition up to any Goddess energies, spirit guides, ancestors, and the like that may be flowing through. With decks in hand I enter sacred space and ground myself. Shuffling the cards, I place the decks in front of me along with any likeness I may have of the Goddess. I center myself and then I begin the reading. Cards are pulled, as many as needed to get as clear a message as possible. On occasion I will pull crystals and runes to clarify or add to the message.

These are my specialized offerings. I also do just an intuitive read with no Goddess energy and full moon/new moon readings. I bring out special readings for any holidays around the wheel of the year and year ahead spreads starting just after Samhain.

Please note that readings are delivered via email within 48 business hours of order. This will include a photo of the cards and spread along with a detailed write-up of the reading. I offer a limited availability of video readings on Zoom. No refunds. Please sign up for the email list to get notified of monthly offerings.

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