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My name is Danne Len and I also am known to go by Solstice Moon. I've been a practicing witch walking a goddess guided path for over 25 years and I love to share what I've learned with others. 

Through the generations women have found a way to uncover and reclaim their strength, their magic, their wildness. Our DNA is coded with the knowledge of her. She has always been and always will be there with arms outstretched waiting for you to hear her call. To awaken once again to the beat of her heart in yours. Listen and you will hear her are home. 

I heard that call in my youth. I didn't respond except by beginning my studies in witchcraft. That was the lesson I needed. Then in my early adulthood she comforted me as the recession lost my husband his job and then our home putting us on a track that would not be easy. But she quieted my fears with supportive family and loving friends. Then when in my mid-30s having gone through bankruptcy and moving multiple times while working to get back on our feet an old and dear friend of ours reached out to me and asked if I would talk to him, his husband, and their friend about witchcraft. I was being called to a path that started with saying yes. I was terrified that they would think me an imposter and I would, in fact, know nothing of what I'd been studying for most of my life. But urged on by my partner I gathered information and resources and met them. It was amazing. It felt natural and yes, I did know what I was talking about. This wonderful challenge encouraged me to start speaking about it more and when my friends formed a coven I was honored and excited to be their high priestess. 

Goddess also saved my life shortly before that meeting. I had unhealed trauma from my childhood and youth that was eating away at me. My inner child was begging me to talk about it. Goddess had sent me signs that urged me to do the shadow work deep inside. I resisted and one night it almost cost me everything. When I woke up the last thing I could recall was calling out to Goddess, crying out to her to help me. Somehow I was in bed and the most random pictures started in my head. A butterfly, a boat, a flower. I realized upon waking that she had distracted the thoughts in my head with beauty and hope. Everything changed and I began the work, the deep work that set me on the path to healing and true joy.

Since then I've had lessons from Rhiannon about self-trust , Aphrodite on self-love, Amaterasu and self-esteem , Brigid on healing through creativity, Freya and finding desire for my body, and many others. One that I am most grateful for is Isis. She helped me to heal the mother wound. Because of this lesson I found a better understanding of my mother and her generational wounds. We healed our relationship and I had five deeply meaningful years with her before she left this earth. 

Over these past few decades I've studied witchcraft which I practice daily. (Ok, not every day because sometimes a full moon slips by you every once in awhile. Right?) I've studied and been certified as a crystal and Reiki practitioner, as well as a women's circle creatrix. This means I work with energy and ritual to provide transformational experiences through one on one or group settings for those who feel called. I have continued to study Goddess in all of her aspects which I love to share through creating informational resources, products, and programs that help you to reclaim your magic, rise up in divine sisterhood, and awaken the goddess within. Take a look around and see what calls to your inner goddess. Blessed be.

*In my spare time I love to read and write while traveling to spend time in nature with my high school sweetheart husband who happens to be an insanely talented artist. We have two senior mini-poodles who enjoy snacks and tummy rubs. We are working to create a vibrant life of meaningful experiences and stories to tell.

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